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Communication to applicants for SC81

The consequences of the corona pandemic are affecting how we will conduct the 81th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Short Course on Sustainable Mobility (SC81). As it is highly uncertain, when international travel for all participants and classroom-based activities will be possible again, we have decided to conduct the training online.

You can be sure we love to assemble environmental experts from all around the world for on-site exchange. That none-withstanding, in these extraordinary circumstances, we will prepare a high-quality online learning experience that will support a group of 21 experts in upgrading their knowledge and skills concerning Sustainable Mobility in the best possible way. We will ensure that, also in this online edition, the exchange will be interactive with plenty of opportunities for learning from and with each other as well as from numerous facilitators covering all sectors from academia through governance. Besides knowledge and skills related to Sustainable Mobility, participants will also be better prepared to harness the benefits of digital communication and learning - something of great value for many of your professional challenges ahead.

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